Goblets of Fire Booth 1233 MN,Ren Fest

stop on over to booth 1233 at the MN.Ren Fest to find Goblets of Fire, to see live Hand Blown Glass Demo's and to get some of my hand blown Glass art.

Come join the festivities, my ladies and my lords

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About Me


My Background

My work is unique because of the many different manipulations and technical applications I use to make a piece of hand blown glass art. I love making goblets from the fire , That's why we call the Booth Goblets of Fire


My Medium

With the use of graphite and aluminum optic molds, one can enhance the design technique of the over all appearance of the hand blown glass art.This is how I craft my glass into unique treasures.  


My Inspiration

That's the thing about glass-it's never ending learning process. I continue to find the consistency of the technique is the real challenge. It intrigues me the the randomness and the flow of the glass will take you down the long road of constant education and learning that beautiful things can come from organized chaos

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